$600 for IDOR (File or Folder Download)

0xHello Hackers

I hope you all are doing too well in your journey to be better. I would like to share one of my findings today via Medium.

0x1/0 About Scenario

1/0 — Bit. Due to disclosure issues, let’s call the host as example.com. After navigating through the site, there are few public documents and folders present on the home page. Those folders and files are downloadable.


I fetched the download request in Burpsuite Intercept. The folder request was a GET Request with one parameter as folderId=xxxxxx (6 digit number).

I thought why not try folderId=106564. I got 200 in response, but unfortunately that was the public file already on the home page.

Then , I fetched folderId’s for all the public folders and realized that there are 7 folderId’s that are public. This I did by downloading other folders, intercepting them and noting down the folderId’s.

Now I thought, why not bruteforce the folderId parameter values to enumerate maybe more id’s which are not public.

I did brute forcing on the folderId using Burpsuite Intruder from value 106000 to 107000. And I got twenty 200 HTTP status codes.

Tried to change the id’s to private id’s that I got by brute forcing and got some private documents of company. Some folders were even gigabytes in size ($$Data$$). All these private folders were sensitive.


I did this for folderId parameter. fileId was also one of the parameter but it have 16 characters long value. I don’t know why they haven’t done the same for folderId’s.

This issue was present on 20+ hosts of this infrastructure. I made report for 2 hosts and said to the Security Team that it is also available on these hosts as well. They paid me for 2 hosts. Highest amount from this program is $500 for RCE bug and they paid $300 for each report.

Received $600 after almost a month for two reports (same issue different host).

What I Learnt

Go for manual exploitation, check functionalities in the site and exploit the functionalities. If you have found some values in parameters, change them. If they are encoded, decode them (if possible). Exploit functionalities.

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